Last weekend we lived for a long weekend (Friday till Sunday) on the beach. If you know the "Dutch weather" you would immediately say that the possibility for having a very sunny weekend in September is equally to zero. Lucky us we had three very comfortable days 24°C with a lot of sun.

With AirBNB we rented this beach house and it was stunning. it's located on the large beach of Ijmuiden and sits in first row. There are three rows with around ~350 houses. Being on the first row means having always a clean view on the beach and sea. The house is 6m by 4m large and suits easily a family with 2 children. For the youngest one we had our own Deryn travel tent with us and the oldest one slept on the bunk-bed. For the parents their is a large bed. Cooking can be done a normal cooking range based on gas. Their is a 4 person dinner table inside and outside. When you want to be connected to the outside world their is or WiFi or a good 4G coverage available.

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The experience##

Friday afternoon we drove from are hometown to Ijmuiden. This is a short 30 minute ride. We got ourself's on te parking lot a met the owner. From the private parking area it's like a 7 minute walk over a path of loose sand. The beach house is located in the middle of the first block, which is the closest to the parking lot. Their are 4 blocks in total. After handing over the keys we moved to luggage from the car into the house and went for dinner at one of the 'strandpaviljoens' (beach restaurants). Being there at the end of the season, means the have not much food in stock anymore. You can only choose the leftovers, but the still tasted good enough. We had dinner at 'paviljoen zeezicht', which is a 7 minute walk from the beach house.

Empty plates

The view during diner.

The diner view

After diner we went back to the house and spent a good night at the beach. The white-noise of the sea makes sleeping relaxt and when you wake up having these kind of views,

sight from inside the beach house

this is really a holiday-feeling although only 30 minutes from home.

Saturday we went to the supermarket for some foodstuff. There are couple of them located in Ijmuiden. It's like a 20 minute walk-ride. In the beach house there is some power available from solar panels, but this restricted to 12v DC only. In the kitchen is a fridge located large enough for keeping food & drinks cool. The rest of the day with spend on the beach and in the sea. Both are very child friendly. The entrance of the sea is very flat, which means is 'safe' for children to play. There is also not much current when you want to go for a swim. Sitting on the terrace you can see large ships going in and out the harbour.

Second sundown

The last day of our short Holiday was the same with a lot of relaxing on the beach and around the beach house. In the afternoon we packed our luggage and went to fishmonger 'Gerard van Es' to have a nice diner.