Héy! I am Volkert. I like to develop, construct, snowboard, cycling and traveling. I recently started to work for the best-ever employer named FrontMen, who set me to work at a famous airliner called KLM. @KLM I fulfil the role of solution architect Front-end and this is one of the best jobs I ever had so far.

I graduated from the Technical High School Alkmaar with a bachelor degree in Information Technology but during my time in Alkmaar, I fell wildly in love with the Front-end ecosystem. I am currently raising two kids with my wife & rebuilding our house. All together this is so much fun!

To share and release some daily-steam, I am going to document parts of my life in this blog. Most of my posts will include code & photos based on inspiration found in the daily Dutch-live.

First do it, then do it right, then do it better

Thanks for stopping by.