Great news! Today I finally received my new iPhone 6s plus. It took Apple more then a month to produce it and ship it to Amstelveen. Busy times for Apple. This iPhone 6s plus is a replacement of my current iPhone 6 plus, which means I just had a upgrade. The iPhone 6 was bought second hand from a classified advertising site and this time I wanted a new one. Yeah I know a very expensive investment, but worth it. My iPhone is literally the "one" device I need at the moment. I can make a call, do messaging, read e-mails, have all my calendar's together, have notes, a task list, make nice video's & shoot a many photo's.

The box arrived with UPS

Unboxing the Leather black case & iPhone together with Mila

And there you got it.

The noticeable differences with the iPhone 6:

  • Much, much faster unlock with the touchID
  • More pages keep in memory in the Safari browser
  • Faster in most of the tasks
  • Last but not least faster data connections with the cellular network & WiFi network
  • More subtile way the Taptic Engine responses
  • Battery drowns way faster

There are new exiting technologies which I didn't used yet, like 3D Touch & Live Photos or testing the new A9 chip, with some video editing.

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